Divino ABA Services Treatment Center

Our treatment center mission is to provide effective, lasting treatment to all clients with diverse behavior and learning challenges at all developmental levels. We are committed to using the behavior analytical principles to make positive, life-long changes in the lives of our clients and caregivers. We use research-based ABA curriculum and combine the behavior analytical principles with comprehensive and individualized programs and activities in the treatment center.

These programs include training in foundational skills (learning-to-learn skills), as well as adaptive skills such as personal care, eating, dressing, toileting, functional communication and social and relationship building. The treatment team also programs for decreasing problem and/or interfering behaviors that prevent individuals from functioning in the community, school, and home.

Clients in the treatment center who select to work with one of our certified teachers to develop a home school portfolio will work on curriculum goals selected by the caregiver and created with the assistance of the teacher. Tutoring services will also be offered for a fee at the clinic to provide academic learning experiences that align with the clients’ portfolio goals. In addition, ongoing caregiver training will be conducted in the treatment center and in the home setting to ensure the caregiver reaches goals in their child’s treatment plan.